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CHAOS Gallerie Alliages, Lille, France

Each year, gallerie Alliages has an open call with a specific theme. In 2017, it was CHAOS. Here is the open call text:

First of all, Chaos came spontaneously into being. But then came the broad-breasted Earth. She is ever the steadfast abode for those immortals who live on the peak of snowcapped Olympus. Then came the Underworld, underneath the ground’s wide path.Then came the Desire, who is the most beautiful of the immortal gods. She loosens limbs. For all gods, for all humans, heartfelt Desire subdues even earnest intent and careful deliberation. / Hesiod, Theogony 116–122

To respond to this theme, I made a collection of 3 brooches in celadon blue colour.

“It’s all about finding the calm in the Chaos” Donna Karan


The design of those brooches is completely chaotic but the celadon blue colour brings calm and tranquillity.

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