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gioeilli in fermento 2015

This pasta necklace has been created for Gioeilli in fermento 2015.

The 2015 edition's theme was playing with the material value of jewellery as nourishment for the spirit, capable of satisfying the present day expressive demands both from those who make contemporary ornament and those who era attracted to it and choose pieces to suit their own appearance.

The 2015 edition has collaborated with the project : "Not just bread/Non di solo pane" for EXPO2015 in Milano. My necklace received the 3rd mention speciale and was exhibited in Expo2015

My response was:

The first pieces of jewellery my kids offered me were pasta necklaces they made at school for mother’s day.  For me macaroni were like diamonds, fusilli were more precious than gold and I wore them with pride…. They weren’t food anymore: they became the symbol of my children’s love.

My silicone necklace is a tribute to those children’s pasta necklaces. It reminds us that preciousness is sometimes not in the materials but in the hands of the maker and in the eyes of the wearer.

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