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EXIT with Dialogue Collective during
Schmuck 2018, Munich, Germany

Welcome to the Dialogue Collective independent micro-Nation of Temporaria.


Of no fixed abode, borderless and rootless, Temporaria is a tumbleweed micro-nation without political alignment. Looking neither left nor right, looking neither backwards nor inwards and especially not down the nose, the international jewellers of Dialogue Collective have decreed that other views and directions are required.


In Temporaria citizens and tourists alike are encouraged to look forward, upward and outward with peculiar intensity in order to look at the overlooked, to see the previously unseen and to cross previously inaccessible borders.


To that end, Dialogue Collective invites you to visit the inaugural pop-up Embassy of Temporaria, to marvel at the state jewels, to revel in the slightly ridiculous and meander through the metaphysical. Relish the respite from florid faced, strangely coiffed, pointy-shoed, brazenly bumptious, paralysed politicians whilst engaging with the Dialogue Collective's response to EXIT. 

In this Micro nation, I was given the job of Head of Department of Good Taste.


I was therefore in charge of regulatory compliance about Good Taste laws, policies and regulation.


Main responsibilities

•           Support a robust and enduring body of Good Taste laws

•           Work with colleagues to develop a test to check compliance

•           Establish procedures for obtaining your Good Taste Certificate

•           Identify ways to make optimum use of Good Taste to make this world a better world

•           Work with specialist and senior staff to eradicate Bad Taste from the planet

•           Promote awareness of the danger of Bad Taste 

Visitors were invited to take a quizz about GOOD TASTE and were given an APPROVED or a REJECTED sticker according to their results.


I made a series of "GOOD TASTE" badges and necklace and had a perfectly good taste uniform. 

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