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Schmuck 2017, Munich, It will all come out in the wash

Dialogue Collective and HANDSHAKE have been getting to know each other in unusual ways. Over the course of one year the groups have been setting each other a ‘series of ‘mini challenges’ through direct exchanges of everyday information. The collaboration brings together two groups of jewellers from opposite ends of the globe.

Artist list

Debbie Adamson, Renee Bevan, Petra Bishai, Becky Bliss, Isabelle Busnel, Nadene Carr, Ellie Corp, Sharon Fitness, Velvet Hart, Emmeline Hastings, Victoria King, Maarit Liukkonen, Kelly McDonald, Neke Moa, Darja Nikitina, Amelia Pascoe, Sarah Read, Natsuki Sawai, Timothy Information Limited, Maud Traon, Sarah Walker-Holt, Sorcha Wharf, Anet Wrobel, Kathryn Yeats

Through exchanging images and thoughts recorded at set times of the day, the participants began to share their daily lives in different places. Bucolic scenes from New Zealand to the cityscapes of London. Can modern communication overcome the distance and bring the groups together? Are online conversations as clear-cut as in real life (IRL) discussions? This social collaboration becomes jewellery as the two groups display their work together under one roof. A communal washing line is strung up between the two sides. The work is hung out to air. Everything is on view. Finally face-to-face the neighbours come together. Can they iron out the differences? Whatever happens, it will all come out in the wash. Dialogue Collective was formed by a London-based group of artists with a background in jewellery and silversmithing. The Collective has presented nineteen events to date. A changing group of artists participate in each event, together with invited guests, all of who have a connection to London Metropolitan University aka The Cass. Their remit is to develop different and interesting ways to create and show jewellery and silversmithing through collaborative making and discussion. They aim to develop ways of bringing contemporary jewellery and objects to a wider audience. The New Zealand HANDSHAKE project is a mentoring, exhibition and development package unique to the contemporary art world. It is a space where established artists hand-over some of their quality knowledge to those asking for a ‘hand’ and is a two-way project that encourages symbiosis and a ‘give and take’. The accumulative ‘knowledge ‘gained from the feedback relationship and the professional development is transformed for various quality exhibitions and collaboration projects and reported back via their HANDSHAKE3 blog. The project began in February 2011, founded by Wellington based artist, curator and tutor Peter Deckers. The idea was born out of recognition of the need for ongoing support for talented New Zealand artists after completing their jewellery/art study. HANDSHAKE reverses the old ‘apprentice’ model, whereby a mentee works for a mentor - here the mentor works more for the mentee through their feedback and support in a virtual studio space in the development and refinement of new ideas and exhibition work.


10 -12 March 2017 from 12.00 to 19.00 h


Thursday, 9 March 2017 from 17.00 to 20.00 h

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