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Te Ao Hurihuri: ever changing world. Collaboration between Dialogue Collective and Handshake from Ne

250 years on from James Cook’s historic voyage from England to New Zealand, two cutting edge jewellery collectives embark upon their own journeys. Handshake (NZ) and Dialogue Collective (UK) navigate around the impact of colonialism to create a bejewelled voyage like no other. ..

Te Ao Hurihuri: Ever Changing World showcases work by twenty-two artists who specialise in using jewellery to communicate ideas. The work on display shows a diversity of materials, techniques and scale. Cultural backgrounds and migrated ancestry influence the work that each artist makes on their own voyage. An openness to new ideas provides a rich backdrop for tackling current issues in ways that are experimental and striking. Handshake (HS) and Dialogue collective (DC) wrestle with topics that range from identity to isolation and from heritage to hedonism.

This, the second collaboration between HS and DC, is an inspiring example of the cultivation of international relationships. Both collectives are renowned for their support and mentoring of jewellery artists, as well as their inventive exhibition ideas. This 2018 partnership Te Ao Hurihuri : Ever Changing World is just as ambitious.

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