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TIMELESS Exhibition at Creativity Oggetti Gallery, Torino Italy




Saturday 23rd September 2017 from 6pm to 9pm

The CREATIVITY OGGETTI world expands and merges with other worlds made of research and passion. For 16 years CREATIVITY has been proposing a contemporary jewelry selection from every corner of the world, real master pieces to wear whose variety of materials and diversity of processing techniques have characterized the gallery thus drawing its regular visitors’ attention.

Today’s new challenge is put the jewel in a context showing the public its “lived” part, its daily use, how to wear it on day to night outfits.

Not as something extraneous to us that we might want to show off only on special occasions, but rather the jewel as a daily use object that can be matched with different styles, as long as you are minimally skilled in your selections.

The FW1718 Collection by Turin designer Sel.Di – Daniela Sellone is perfect for this. Starting from a timeless theme, thus TIMELESS, the magic key of the brand core, she has created universal items playing on their many volumes; some are the evolution of the artist’s historic works that perfectly fit between past and future, in an undefined dimension that makes them always contemporary. Emotions are a fundamental part in Daniela Sellone’s creations as she is very sensitive and versatile and in such a constant evolution that this collection was named EVOLUTION to underline a turning point, a mutation that keeps its connections to the past following the threads like tails (also on her gorgeous coats) and an ironic and intellectual allure.

This philosophy well matches with the contemporary jewel one as it is often a unique piece and most definitely, it is not subject to any fashion change. It is rather a work of art, a sculpture that moves in the space, displayed on a coat lapel, eyeing from a jacket neckline, slightly hinting from the bottom of a skirt or like a cuffline to close a knitwear sleeve.

Nothing predictble or commercial, but rather unique and personal to enrich and tell about the wearer’s personality and for this reason, timeless. You only neeed to find the pieces that suit you. Each piece that enters in our life should be loved and wished for, like something that completes us.

This event will be a sort of daily life glimpse on the daily life that models will portray while blending in with the audience, involving them in an interactive role play where the guests will also be protagonists, till turning into models themselves, for a shooting where they will be able to wear the Sel.Di clothing collection, and the selected designers’ jewels – some unreleased yet and special guests of this evening.

During the uncommon exchange between audience and models, you will be able to admire these artists’ works, some will also be part of the audience, thus you will be able to get to know their works, their processing techniques and materials, besides naturally, their inspiration from a closer perspective.

Together with the Sel.Di Collection clothes, the jewels of the following designers will be the protagonists of this evening: Aqto, Silvia Beccaria, Daniela Boni, Isabelle Busnel, Clara Del Papa, Pastore e Bovina, Laura Forte, Christine Jalio, Anna Król, Uli Rapp, Giulia Savino, Chiara Scarpitti, Barbara Uderzo, Alena Willroth, Elena Valenti, Ksenia Vohkmentseva

The event Guest Star is a selection of pieces form the international exhibit Gioielli in Fermento (Jewels in Ferment), a happy union between the “contemporary jewelry world and the contemporary wine world: in both cases the natural element is turned into something precious and unique (as stated in the general catalog presentation developed by Eliana Negroni).”

The GIF selection will include the following artists: Gigi Mariani, Maria Rosa Franzin, Maura Biamonti, Sébastien Carré, Nicoletta Frigerio, Corrado De Meo, Ylenia Deriu, Nicola Heidemann, Ria Lins, Mineri Matsuura, Alessandro Petrolati, Poppy Porter, Stefano Rossi e Claudia Steiner.

To keep the “whimsical” atmosphere, the evening will be accompanied by a delicate background of classical music and the catering service by Fabbrica di Liquori TRINCHERI, a historic Piedmontese house founded in 1904 and renown for its Vermouth production - the very trendy drink among the ladies, at the beginning of the century and today, back in great fashion, starting from Spain.

The students of the Ernesto Giampino Academy – one of the most famous and qualified schools in the field, will take care of the models’ make-up and hair styling. This is a very high profile Academy in Turin, where Talent and Art join to deliver that extra touch typical of the Fashion business: not just mere hairdoes and make-up, but a real kaleidoscope of emotions conceived and realized with high care. In this case the Timeless theme will be the inspiration to give the models a timeless, ethereal, vintage and futurist allure – all at the same time.

The event photo shooting will be done by Daniele Ratti, photographer and architect, already artistic director of Paratissima, the yearly art event that has been taking place in Turin since 2006. Some of his works are currently part of the Naples’ PAN, Turin’s GAI and Cagliari’s Fondazione Bartoli Felter permanent collections.

The shooting pictures will be given for free in digital format to all those who will request to be portrayed.

For all those – professionals and regular audience - who will take part to the event, it will be possible to publish right away photos and videos on all the event Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc...) using one or more of the following hastags: #creativityoggetti, #seldi #timeless #gioiellocontemporaneoto, #gioiellinfermento. Only with these hashtags we’ll be able to repost the best pictures and videos.

The Sel.Di FW1718 collection will exceptionally be for sale at the CREATIVITY OGGETTI from 23rd September to 14th October.

SEL.DI di Daniela Sellone

Ufficio Stampa: Ulderica Masoni

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